Is No Anti Cheat The Biggest Issue?

Warzone and no anit- cheat go hand in hand BUT if there was anit-cheat how different would things be? Use code "wild" for 10% off Gamer Supps Join The Discord ▹ Twitter ▹
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My Stats ▹ ▹Warzone Game/Graphic Settings
Controller – Custom Scuf Impact (4 back paddles) FOV – 120
Controller Sensitivity (Horz/Vert) – 20
ADS Sensitivity (Low/High) – 1.0
Button Layout – Default
Deadzone – 0.05
Aim Response Curve – Standard
Aim Assist Type – Standard
Graphics – All Maxed (RTX Off, No Motion Blur, No Depth of Field)
GPU – 2080 Super
CPU – Ryzen 5900x

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