SPLITGATE Tips & BEST SETTINGS Everyone Should Know

Splitgate Tips & best settings that everyone should know. Learn the Splitgate settings you should be using for improved performance, better FPS, in-game advantages, and more. Learn Splitgate bindings that will help your Portal gameplay, as well crosshair tips that may help your aim and accuracy within Splitgate. Learn basic Splitgate tips that all players should know that will make your time in this awesome free to play FPS, more fun!
00:00 Splitgate Best Settings – Portal Quality Tip
00:27 Splitgate Best Keybinds – Rebind Portal Keys
01:30 Splitgate Video Settings Recommendations
01:51 Splitgate Mouse Sensitivity & Settings
02:20 Splitgate Audio Settings Recommendations
02:42 Splitgate Crosshair Settings Recommendations
03:28 Splitgate Gameplay Tips Did SPLITGATE Kill Call of Duty Warzone? https://youtu.be/vSgJaHNmSzY
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