RANKED SPLITGATE Is Awesome! (Hitting Diamond!)

Ranked Splitgate is absolutely awesome. In this video we play Ranked Splitgate and hit Diamond rank. Ranked Splitgate is a great place to improve your portals, sharpen your movement, and refine your skill. The starting sandbox is different in ranked splitgate than in Quickplay, and that forces players to experience the game in a much different and fun way!
00:00 Ranked Splitgate – Why You Should Play It
00:20 How Ranked Splitgate Works
00:50 How My Ranked Splitgate Experience Went
02:32 How To Improve At Splitgate By Playing Ranked Splitgate
03:16 Getting Diamond In Ranked Splitgate SPLITGATE Tips & BEST SETTINGS Everyone Should Know https://youtu.be/1QNRy4E39kw
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